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Sure Slice Technology with GapSet:
Set it and forget it

GapSetTM Technology is a new assembly technology for cutting heads developed by FAM and Stumabo. This technology allows you to change the slice thickness, is more accurate and ensures knife stability without any adjustments while processing.

Once the cutting heads are assembled, the GapSet Technology ensures constant slice accuracy throughout.

Set it and forget it, your cutting heads are (and remain) accurate.

(patented technology)

MultiStage Impeller

FAM and Stumabo developed an impeller that cuts the potato in two stages.

When the potato enters the impeller, it is still whole and is grasped by the first barrier of the impeller. As the potato is sliced, it moves into the second pocket and is protected from other incoming potatoes. This means the potato remains stable at all times during the slicing process without shifting, resulting in a 'Sure Slice'.
The multistage impeller also maximizes the capacity, without compromising the quality as two potatoes can be cut simultaneously in both of the two pockets without disturbing each other.

(patented technology)

Lightweight cutting head

The lightweight design of our innovative cutting heads makes your operators' life easier.

With the first generation cutting heads in the market weighing 22 kg, FAM and Stumabo set a new standard for operator-friendliness with a cutting head of only 12 kg.
Smart design has reduced the number of parts by 20%.

Dynamic Reverse Slicing with Dual Rotation

As a new and unique feature, FAM & Stumabo want to introduce ScaliburTM Technology. A high-end solution for processors that want to invest in the future and in the benefits of ultimate slicing quality.

Scalibur guarantees the potato slows down and orientates before cutting, resulting in an outstanding cut quality like never seen before.


The impeller and the cutting head move at differential speed, creating a dual rotation, with the cutting head spinning faster than the impeller wheel in the anticlockwise direction.

If you want to get involved in this revolutionary development, please contact us for more information.

(patent pending technology)


FAMTM develops and manufactures industrial food cutting machines and is the undisputed market leader in Europe. World-wide, customers in 72 countries use more than 4,500 operational food cutting machines.

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StumaboTM is a leading supplier of industrial precision blades for the food processing industry and is active worldwide. We have been operating in the industry for more than 65 years and have an annual turnover of multimillion blades.

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